New Blog Name, Same Cookie Stuff, My Mom’s Birthday

New Blog Name, Same Cookie Stuff, My Mom's Birthday

This is my Mom with a Birthday Cookie I made for her. Made me stop and think about how much she has taught me about Baking and Cooking for a Family. So much of the really good stuff I love, she learned from her Mom. My Gran past away when I was about 5. Never had a chance to do too much with her. I am so blessed and grateful for all I can and have learned from my mom. Glad she is still here, so I can tell her! In honour, of my Mom and her Mom, I have changed the Name of my blog. I like it much better. Hope you do too! FYI, Mom doesn’t like having her picture posted on “this machine”. So you won’t see any pics of her.


Baby Ben

Baby Ben

Little Ben is the first Grandchild of my friend Cheryl. I can’t say no to a friend even when I’m in the midst of Christmas Cookies.
Here is my problem, coming up with color palettes. Man this is one of my biggest challenges. I try to look for inspiration, when do I stop? I went safe and slightly traditional but used ivory instead of white for a base. In the end I was pretty happy.

Happy Birthday to Me! or joyeux anniversaire a moi!



Well I, like everyone else in the world has to get older. I decided that for this one it would be in Paris, France!
As much as I love making cookies for family and friends to help celebrate all their wonderful occasions and milestones, I should be able to do the same for me, right? Paris Birthday cookies were ordered immediately! Eiffel Tower on one, Arc de Triomphe on another and Notre Dame on a third. Then Hubby took a picture of me with each cookie in front of each beautiful Paris landmark! What a dream come true. I won’t bore you now with my love of Josephine Bonaparte and my visit to her Chateau Malmasion, another time mon cher!