Happy Birthday Lauryn

So growing up I never had a themed birthday.  I usually celebrated with my sister because our birthdays were 4 days apart.  Maybe if we were lucky a little pin the tail on the donkey was played.   Certainly there was no money in the cake, mom was worried some kid wouldn’t notice it and choke on it!

Maybe this year I need to have my family plan a themed birthday for me!

This year Lauryn wanted a Tropical Themed birthday.  


What would you need beside a birthday girl?

How about a palm tree, a beach, some waves and a surf board


a grass skirt and some flowers would be nice


Don’t forget the flip flops


Of course what Tropical party would be complete without a Tiki


My mom alway made me send thank you notes to my party guests,  these kids get something better than a letter


Happiest of Birthdays Lauryn!  

Thank you Amber at Sweetambs for the tutorial on Beaches and waves


and Glory at Glorious Treats for the flower and surf board tutorial


The Sweet Sugarbelle herself, Callye for showing how simple it is to make your cookie into a sand dollar


and Michelle at MakeMeCake for the super cute Grass skirt tutorial


I do what I do because there are some great teachers out there.  They make it simple and fun!

Thanks Ladies!


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