It’s Been Cookie-Palooza around here!

Wow! Where have these past weeks gone? It’s been crazy around my house with all the cookies I’m doing. Why do I do it? All the work, all the LATE nights, tired in the morning, dragging my butt into work, Why, Why, Why?
I’ll tell you why. When someone does something nice for you, or is good at their job, or is leaving their job, or is celebrating something, I like to give them a cookie.

This year I met and worked with some wonderful Teachers! They all have taught me so much. I am sad to see them move to new schools. I am sad I won’t see them everyday.

How do you sum up all you feel and all they have meant?


Reminding them they are moving on to bigger and better things is a good idea

Offering them some advice is always a good idea.
A Little reminder of who they have worked hard to become is a good idea
A hand written thank you note is always a good idea! My mom taught me that one!
A little wisdom is a good idea too

So to all those Teachers, Secretaries, Vice Principals, Prinicipals and friends I say, You will be missed!

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