Wedding Cookies, aka, Not Baby Cookies

I have loved being able to make all the lovely little baby cookies this year, but without a doubt, I need some variety in my cookie day.
So when my son asked if I could make some wedding cookies…..
One of the Managers at work was getting married and they were putting together a basket that employees could add a gift to or contribute money towards. Did I mention that the boy works at the Disney Store?

You know where this is going don’t you!!

Ok, Let’s get started,
Congratulations are the first order of business

I love this little congratulations plaque in Disney font
I love this little congratulations plaque in Disney font

Then we need a Bride and a Groom
Don’t forget the ring, and we need some flowers too
I loved adding the Little Mickey heads to the ring band and the bouquet
I loved adding the Little Mickey heads to the ring band and the bouquet

Now, Let’s seal this with a kiss!
Wrap it up with a bow
and They Lived Happily Ever After

Is there something in the Water?

Seriously, I have made a boat-load of baby cookies this year!
First there was Baby Ben
Then Sweet Little Ivy
Then came Alex,
and Azlan
Then Jordyn

and Little Benji

Followed by Emerson

and sweet Adriano

and then little Baby Coggles who is due in the fall!
That’s alot of babies
That’s alot of cookies
That’s alot of sugar!
That’s alot of Baby Love!

My baby buggy cookie is inspired by the wonderful cookie work done by Myriam of Chapix Cookies

My diaper pins are inspired by the talented Georganne at Lilaloa

It’s Been Cookie-Palooza around here!

Wow! Where have these past weeks gone? It’s been crazy around my house with all the cookies I’m doing. Why do I do it? All the work, all the LATE nights, tired in the morning, dragging my butt into work, Why, Why, Why?
I’ll tell you why. When someone does something nice for you, or is good at their job, or is leaving their job, or is celebrating something, I like to give them a cookie.

This year I met and worked with some wonderful Teachers! They all have taught me so much. I am sad to see them move to new schools. I am sad I won’t see them everyday.

How do you sum up all you feel and all they have meant?


Reminding them they are moving on to bigger and better things is a good idea

Offering them some advice is always a good idea.
A Little reminder of who they have worked hard to become is a good idea
A hand written thank you note is always a good idea! My mom taught me that one!
A little wisdom is a good idea too

So to all those Teachers, Secretaries, Vice Principals, Prinicipals and friends I say, You will be missed!

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! You know what I have noticed? There are a whole lot of beautifully decorated 4th of July cookies out there.
Where are all the cool Canada Cookies? Oh sure we have that understated Dare Maple, Mapleleaf cookie.dare_maple_leaf Kopie
I have seen my fair share of red and white Mapleleaf cookies.
DSCN4323 I myself added a smilie face to mine one year. But really how far have we as Canadian Cookie decorators taken the Canada Day Cookie?
Not far enough. So this year I did my best to elevate the Canada Day Cookie experience.




My name is Bev, and I am a Canadian Cookie Decorator!

Peace, Love, Canada and Cookies!

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