St. Paddy’s Day

Just a little homage for St. Patrick’s Day.   Here is the funny part, I had started decorating several shamrock

cookies the beginning of March.  I had different shades of green, was going to pipe these great Celtic symbols on them using my fabulous KopyKake projector, they turned out awful!  I used black to pipe the Celtic symbols and the black bled into the beautiful green shamrocks!!  So there I am Sunday morning March 17, in my Pj’s trying something new.  I am glad I spent that time because I really like the way they turned out 🙂  It’s not always about the quantity, remember quality.  I still need alot of practice with my painting technique, but in time dear one, in time 🙂


We’re going to Disneyland!

First let me start by saying, that it isn’t too often that I am really proud of something I have done, but I am really proud of my son 🙂  Does he drive me completely berzerk?  Abso-freakin’-lutly!  We went to Disneyland when he was 6 years old.  He doesn’t remember alot about that trip. But he is graduating high school this year and it hasn’t been without it’s challenges.  (I am so happy I am not a teenager)  So as a bit of a stress relief, Dad and I planned a Spring Break Vacation.  Did we tell him? No.  Did we deceive him a little?  No, we deceived him alot!  “Honey, let’s surprise him with a Spring Break trip”  Did I mention, He loves all things Disney.  Wants to work for them when he is finished University.

How does a mother who bakes and decorates cookies tell her son that he is going to Disneyland?  With cookies, of course!  I had so much fun doing these cookies.

The planning, the sneaking, the out right lying!  Loved, Loved, Loved!

I used my Kopykake, I won’t lie about that, it is a God Send!  Almost anything you want on a cookie, you can put on a cookie.  I started with the Autographs.  He loved his autograph book that he got when went the first time, so that was my inspiration for the first few.  Then adding the detail to each of those.  I was so filled joy when I saw how nicely they turned out.

The Mouse ears were a stroke of genius.  I will put up some picts. of those another time.

Then there was Roo.  Don’t tell his friends, but he “LOVES” Roo.  I did a first attempt at painting Roo, I won’t show you that one.  But I took another stab at it and really, I impressed myself 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as the Boy does.

“No way am I eating them mom!”