Merry Christmas My Little Fruitcake!

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Well finally I can talk about the whole generational baking stuff. My first topic, don’t laugh, Fruitcake!
Yes, I know there are thousands of jokes and comics dedicated to this much maligned Yuletide treat. One of the best jokes,
was that there really is only one fruitcake in the world and it is just passed back and forth from year to year!
I look at this way, what has fruitcake ever done to me? Well my friends, it has provided me with years of holiday memories, a deep connection through taste and smell and wonderful memories of my mom 🙂
Growing up, fruitcake has always been a Christmas staple for my family. Mom would start in early October each year with preparations. Dad would head to the grocery store, list in hand, looking for the needed ingredients.
The last few years have seen a decline in mom’s stamina. Finally this year I said “Mom I need to make fruitcake with you”
Together we did it!


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