Happy Birthday Dallas

Well my niece turned 30 this weekend!  (Happy Birthday Dallas)  Where has the time gone.  These were a gift for her!  I was able to try my hand at stenciling  on a cookie.  With the right tools and some practice, it is a great way to add a different effect to your cookie.  The off center images on the square cookies were very much something I wanted to try, but had never had the opportunity.  I cut out the square cookies and lightly imprinted another cookie cutter into that.   After they were baked a slight outline was left that I was then able to trace over with a piping bag.  The result was just what I wanted.  A little practice with this technique and I could really come up with some unique looking cookies! The idea of this type of cookie decoration is that I get to work with a basic shape.  I am going to try this for some Christmas cookies.  I think we all have cookie cutters we love using, but in the same breath hate using because they have small little appendages that break easily.  If they can be transfered onto a larger base for easier to manage cookies then, you don’t have breakage to worry about.  I have the cutest little snowman cookie cutter I use at Christmas.  I always lose so many of them because their arms break.  Don’t think I will have that problem.  This type of image transfer also allows you to add more detail, maybe with a background.  If you are somewhat artistically challenged, like me, you need all the help you can get!  Thanks to Julia M. Usher for her great presentation at this year’s Cookie Con, on the Basics of Stenciling on Cookies!  She is an amazing Cookie decorator!


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