Fall/Halloween Cookies

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So who has noticed that all I have posted are pictures of cookies?  Seriously, I will get to the generation baking stuff.  I can’t believe how many cookies I have been doing this month!  Well I had cookie dough left over after I did Miss Chamulka’s cookies, so I did some Autumn Leaves.  I then had an order for some birthday cookies (that will show up on a future post) and some Halloween cookies for a kids party.  I baked more cookies!  I was at Walmart one afternoon and found a set of Wilton cookie cutters.  It is a newer set that came with a Cauldron, broom, really cute Witch’s Hat and Witch Shoes!  Damn!  Those were some cute shoes, I had to have the cutters.  Funny thing, when I saw the cookie cutters I immediately thought of my friend Juanita.   No she isn’t a witch or anything that reminds one of a witch!    Juanita had a birthday coming up and I knew what I would give her for a gift.  She loved the cookies!  I added little eyeballs into the caldron.  You have to look closely!   I think I see shoes in my future!   Those shoes were a challenge though.  I find that my biggest stumbling block when I start decorating a new cookie is a jumping off point.  Thank you God I found some shoes that inspired me.  They were done by an amazing cookie decorator, Lizy B. She did the cutest collection of shoes.   Thanks Lizy B.!

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