Fall/Halloween Cookies

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So who has noticed that all I have posted are pictures of cookies?  Seriously, I will get to the generation baking stuff.  I can’t believe how many cookies I have been doing this month!  Well I had cookie dough left over after I did Miss Chamulka’s cookies, so I did some Autumn Leaves.  I then had an order for some birthday cookies (that will show up on a future post) and some Halloween cookies for a kids party.  I baked more cookies!  I was at Walmart one afternoon and found a set of Wilton cookie cutters.  It is a newer set that came with a Cauldron, broom, really cute Witch’s Hat and Witch Shoes!  Damn!  Those were some cute shoes, I had to have the cutters.  Funny thing, when I saw the cookie cutters I immediately thought of my friend Juanita.   No she isn’t a witch or anything that reminds one of a witch!    Juanita had a birthday coming up and I knew what I would give her for a gift.  She loved the cookies!  I added little eyeballs into the caldron.  You have to look closely!   I think I see shoes in my future!   Those shoes were a challenge though.  I find that my biggest stumbling block when I start decorating a new cookie is a jumping off point.  Thank you God I found some shoes that inspired me.  They were done by an amazing cookie decorator, Lizy B. She did the cutest collection of shoes.   Thanks Lizy B.!


Cookies for Miss Chamulka’s Class

My niece called and said “Aunty could you make some cookies for my students for Halloween?”  What’s an Aunty to do?  Of course I will.  I had creative licence and started baking.  I was looking on Pinterest for  some inspiration.  I saw this one cookie, it was done by Glory of Glorious Treats.  It had the most adorable little flowers on it.   I added the vines and the leaves and just loved it!  Thanks for the inspiration Glory!  I had fun making the spiders and looking for the tombstone epitaphs!

Cookies for Abbagail!

Welcome to my first blog!  I really wanted to make cookies for a friend who was having a baby.  These were my gift to her and her beautiful daughter Abbagail!  I once again really surprised myself.  I owe it all to Pinterest!  With all the inspiration that is available, this is what I came up with!  I hope they are admired, oohed and ahhed over, and then devoured!  That’s what cookies are for and that is what gives me the most joy!